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The only ghost hunting tool you will EVER need.

Posted in Sarcasm with tags , , , , , on March 27, 2009 by paranormalteam

Its been a long time coming but finally we are able to officially announce our new product.

We at P.I.T know how difficult it is on an investigation to carry around all the tools you need to detect ghosts. Imagine what it would be like to carry just one tool instead of the various meters, readers, detectors, probes, dippers, sniffers, vials, lotions and potions?

Well now you can. Our highly trained, highly experienced and highly good looking team of pseudo-scientists at P.I.T HQ have created the C.R.A.P Box.

The Creative Readings for Anomalous Phenomena Box (or C.R.A.P for short) looks like a simple device. In fact it is a highly complex piece of equipment that combines the following into one.

EMF Reader
Motion Sensor
PKE Energy Detector
Humidity Sensor
Temperature Probe
Infrasound Detector
ION Detector
Geiger Counter

All these are replaced with a simple black box with one solitary red led. (see below)


Instead of having to correlate all the various meters and readers, you simply need to keep your eye on the LED. LED on indicates ghost(s) present. LED off indicates no spiritual activity in the immediate vicinity.

Now not only are you able to dump most of the equipment you own, you are also able to cut off some of the slack with your group members. You can happily retire that person who’s sole purpose is to waft an EMF meter around a room as if trying to banish a foul noxious smell.

We are looking to get this product placed on one of the well known paranormal TV programmes, in order to boost our sales. So if you work for one of the production companies, please get in touch.

In the meantime, contact our sales team to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

R.R.P £34,666.69 **

** Please note this whole thing is a p**-take. I can’t believe I am having to put this disclaimer but someone did actually think this was real!! *smacks head against wall repeatedly*