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A personal account of paranormal experiences

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In this field you come across many people that are interested in the paranormal because they have had what you call ‘personal experiences’. Some of these experiences happen outside of a paranormal investigation and can happen when you are going about your daily business. The following account (from someone that contacted us) is particular interesting as it’s almost a lifetimes worth of personal experiences. If you have any feedback or would like to comment, please do so at the bottom of the article. Names of people and places have been removed to conceal the identity of the person who contacted us. Some of our comments on this story can be found at the bottom.

Here is their story:-

“The house is in (Name Removed) in a good neighbourhood. The house isn’t very old. It was built by a doctor who lived there before we moved in.”

“Anyway, I think this all started when I was around 16 or 17. It started with the footsteps. It was definitely footsteps as the floorboards would creek whenever someone would be walking upstairs. It wasn’t at the same time every night though, but it seemed like it was every night. The footsteps would go on for ages, yet they would stop right outside my door. And that’s the way it was every night. I also had music on and my light on, but I’d still hear the footsteps stopping right outside the door. My sister would hear them as well when she would come over.”

“One night, I got up to go get a drink or something. I walked downstairs, and on one of the walls, there were shadows of 2 or 3 people moving back and forth. Then, I heard what sounded like people laughing at a party or laughing at the tv or an old radio programme. The thing was, it wasn’t like it was all around me which is usually what happens with disembodied sounds, this sounded like it came from inside my head, but it was clear as day. The sound only lasted for about 10 seconds, and everything went silent. This scared the hell out of me, so I decided to run back to my room and not get a drink.”

“My younger sister who was about 11 or 12 at the time heard this sound as well. We had went downstairs to make cookies at around 2 am (as you do). She didn’t know anything about what had gone on at the time…didn’t know about the footsteps or anything. So we’re making cookies, and she just turns to me and says “Are Mom and (Name Removed) watching TV?” I told her that they would be asleep beacuse they had work the next day. She walked to their room and heard nothing. I asked her why, and she said it sounded like someone was watching TV. However, I never heard the TV noises, but she described the exact same thing I had heard when I had come down to the kitchen on my own that one time. So I’m wondering how these ghosts were only able to let one person hear them but let us only hear the sound inside our heads?”

“Then, one day, I was sat at my computer. I felt something push me down and hold me down to the ground for about 10 seconds. That was kinda scary, but it’s the only time a ghost attacked me for the whole time I lived there.”

“Fast forward a few years to when I’m about 20 years old. (I had moved to (Name Removed) when I was 19, and then back to (Name Removed) when I was 20). The footsteps still continued. My then husband at the time was living with me. My sister, my ex-husband, and I were all sat in my room, when we heard the footsteps. My ex said he was gonna open the door and see if anyone was there, thinking it’d be my mom, but we told him no one would be there. Sure enough, he opened the door when the footsteps stopped just outside my door and no one was there. (That’s when he started believing in ghosts). Then, that same night, we all heard a large crash below us. My ex said he’d check it out because it sounded like it came from the kitchen. (My bedroom was above the kitchen). He went downstairs to check and nothing was out of the ordinary.”

“My mom had a little puppy called (Name Removed) around the time my ex and I moved back in. I opened the back door, and she ran inside and ran straight upstairs. She ran to my sister’s room which was right across from my room and hid underneath the bed. I couldn’t get her out. She did come out though to growl as something invisible. She would growl at it, then whimper and hide under the bed, then come out and growl and bark at something and then hide underneath the bed. This went on for awhile and this was during broad daylight. I had no clue what she was growling at because nothing or no one was where she was looking at. Finally, I was able to drag her downstairs.”

“My ex and I decide to move out of my mom’s house after our son is born. But anyway, my mom and step-dad went to another state on holiday and asked us to come over from time to time to feed the dogs and cat. We came over one day, and my mom’s neighbour came up to us and asked if my mom was home. We told her that she was on holiday. She said that was weird because she had come over the night before and rang the doorbell and heard a woman’s voice. She thought it was my mom and felt a little hurt that my mom didn’t answer the door and thought my mom was ignoring her. We explained that my mom had been on holiday the whole week.”

“So that was my mom’s house. My ex, my son, and I moved into our new apartment, but even that was haunted.”

“I’d always have the feeling of being watched, but I thought that was just me being paranoid. My husband and son would be asleep, and I’d be on the computer since I was a night owl. One of my son’s toys went off. This was a toy where you actually had to push the man’s head down to get it to go. (Basically, it was a man in a car, and you had to push his head down to make the wheels start turning and sounds come out). I didn’t think anything of it the first time until it happened about 3 times in a row after that, then stopped. I know it wasn’t the batteries because we had just put new batteries in it a couple of days before. Then that same night, I saw a shadow walk by my computer….well, I saw the reflection of the shadow in my computer. It walked towards the right. I ignored it thinking it was my eyes playing tricks on me. Then about 20 or 30 seconds later, it walked back to the left. I was getting scared but thought I’d just ignore it. About 20 or 30 seconds after that, this shadow stood right behind me as I could see it’s reflection in the monitor. Finally, I worked up the courage to look around and nothing was there. When I turned back to the computer monitor, the shadow had gone. Talk about something wanting to get my attention.”

“Now a few days, weeks or months (I forget) later, it’s night time again, and everyone is asleep except for me. Our bedroom door is open, so I walk by and look in. I saw a full bodied apparition sitting on the corner of the bed. I still remember her to this day. She had a white or grey dress on, one of the ones that is tight on the torso but starts flowing towards the bottom. She had her hair up in what appeared to be a bun. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap. She was just sat there, looking at me. Her head would move slightly watching me walk. Now that was a bit scary.. I backed up to look back in the bedroom but she was gone.”

“The next night, I cried and cried hysterically to my ex because he wouldn’t let me have the TV on. I told him how these ghosts made me feel scared to death and went on about how they scared me so much. After that incident, everything stopped. I never heard anything at my mom’s house, the ghost in our apartment left me alone, and I’ve not had another encounter, so I guess they didn’t want me to be scared so they left me alone. I regret it now because even though ghosts scare me to death, I still am really intrigued with them and would love to have more ghostly experiences.”

“My grandma always would tell me that I had a gift with spirits. I believe I saw my first one when I was about 3 years old. It was of my great grandpa. He had committed suicide the night before. We drove up to be with my great grandma, and when we got there my great grandpa was standing in the bathroom and called me over to him. I didn’t know he was dead because no one had told me, or if they did, I didn’t understand what was going on. He told me that he loved me very much. I asked him why everyone was sad, and he said it was because he had to go far away. He told me that we’d see each other again but it would be a long time. Then he told me to take care of my great grandma and to go give her a hug. Then he was gone. I told my grandma about it (this was her dad that committed suicide), and she said it was probably because my other cousins were spending the night that night, and he was able to tell them he loved them that night. He wanted to make sure I knew that he loved me. After that, whenever we’d spend the night at my great grandma’s, I’d always hear footsteps. One night, I decided to follow the footsteps thinking it was someone else in the house. I followed them and saw the kitchen light go on, but no one was there. I even double checked all the bedrooms to make sure everyone was asleep which they were. My parents used to tell me that it was just an old house. It wasn’t until I was much older that my mom admitted that she thought my great grandma’s house was haunted as well because she had heard the footsteps and what not.”

“Another encounter happened when I was 12. I’ll give you some background first. My mom was an identical twin. Her twin sister died in a car accident when she was 19 which was 2 years before I was born. Anyway, we were spending the night at my grandparent’s house (these are my other set of grandparents, not the ones I mentioned in the previous paragraph). It was me in one twin bed, my friend (Name Removed) in another twin bed, and my mom had the double bed to herself but we were all in the same room. I felt like I was awoken out of a deep sleep. I looked up and there was my mom standing above my bed looking down at me with a melancholy smile. I looked over at my mom’s bed but she was fast asleep, This is when I realised that this must be my aunt (my mom’s twin). I looked back over to her and noticed she had a faint glow. I looked over at my mom, but my aunt just put her finger to her lips so I wouldn’t wake her. Then my aunt brushed my cheek, and I fell back asleep.”

“Before that, about a year earlier, I had a dream about my mom’s twin sister. Keep in mind that I had never met her, nor did I ever have dreams about her. I was going through a hard time, a really hard time. In this dream, I was walking down a corridor, I look to my right and there’s a bathroom. I see my mom in there messing with her hair, so I go in. I say Mom and that’s when she tells me that she’s not my mom, she’s (Name Removed) (my mom’s twin sister). She doesn’t say much. All she says is that everything will be alright and that she loves me. Then she tells me my mom is in the next bedroom. After that, things started to get better. ”

@paranormalteam says: An addition to this, I suggested the alternate explanation for shadow people to the person above (corner of the eye phenomena). They said that the shadow people were seen in the front of their field of vision, not off to the side. An interesting article about this can be found here

@paranormalteam says: Another article here regarding hearing voices in your head. Slightly old but none the less interesting.

@paranormalteam says: Dream interpretation opens up a whole plethora of arguments in itself. Here’s a couple of links to online books by Sigmund Freud on the subject, bearing in mind that these books are old and things move on, they are still an interesting read. Dream Psychology Psychoanalysis for Beginners and The Interpretation of Dreams. We don’t have a definative explanation for the dream as accounted in the above post.


The Big Cat Trail

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It’s been a while since we wrote about Big Cats, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still on the look out. There have been a couple of interesting incidents lately which I thought were worthy of a quick blog update.

If you have read our previous blogs on Big Cats you will know that some of our own team members have had personal experiences themselves. To add to that, I also now have had my own experience recently. As is always the case I am not saying that we definately saw a Big Cat, I am merely writing down what we saw.

As is the way, myself and another team member were out and about, looking for something else, not looking for big cats. Driving along a local country road, minding our own business, we both saw something large and black go across the road right in front of the car and into the bushes. It was very quick and only several feet from the car. Of course, there are explanations for this, dogs etc. I would say it was large dog size, Labrador/Alsation etc. However, we can rule out your average household kitty due to the physical size of the creature. Unless someone somewhere is breeding huge mutant kittens!! The same team member I was with says he has witnessed a large black cat before in the Redditch area, also confirmed by another witness.

Many years ago, my mother said she witnessed a large black cat in the fields across from our old house. She tells me it was ‘slinking’ along the fence line in the field and was too big to be an average cat. Well, if you can’t believe your mother who can you believe! The reason I mention this is that I found a recent article regarding sheep being killed in a savage attack at a farm close to her sighting. The article goes on to say how it was a dog attack and that people should keep them away from sheep etc etc. However it also says it happened overnight which raises the question to me as to who lets their dogs roam the countryside in the middle of the night? This could of course be a genuine dog attack but I always like to ask questions! This “dog” killed 5 sheep and wounded six others, so it was obviously a very hungry pooch!

We were recently contacted by a witness from the East Yorkshire/Hull area, who told us about a sighting that they had recently. Because of the stigma surrounding these sightings, which many people don’t even report, I have kept them nameless. The witness told us “We saw the cat on the side of the Hedon bypass. There were three of us in the car and we all saw it. It was dusk but there was no mistaking what it was. It ran past us on the grass verge, head on, on our side of the road. It looked like a very large black cat and having seen the pics on your website I would say it was a black Leopard. I was glad that I had others in the car to back me up or I don’t think that I would have believed what I saw”. The witness also told me of another few sightings around the area.

The witness supplied us with a couple of photos of the area where the animal was spotted.

Witness area Witness area

As you may know, if you’ve read the previous Big Cat blog post, we keep a map of all the sightings we come across. I added this sighting to the map and looked at what we already had in the area. There were a couple of sightings of a black cat, that although were not in exactly the same place, were in the radius of what would be the cats territory.

So, please keep your witness reports coming. Its a fascinating subject that we hope one day will have its mystery solved.