Ouija Pain

I went out and bought a Ouija Board. I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist. It was made of this lovely wood and was all soft to the touch and………. anyway I digress.

As we all know (and if you don’t you need a slap), the common explanation for the Ouija board experience is the Ideomotor effect. I could go on and type a load about this but it’s all already here on the Skepdic website http://www.skepdic.com/ideomotor.html


So on Saturday night myself, and the other two team members, went out for a nice Bonfire night firework extravaganza. On our return, after consuming vast amounts of pizza, chicken wings and ice cream, we got the Ouija board out.

The session went on for a good hour or so. The majority of the time the glass was just going around and around in circles. The rest of the time it was spelling out things like AZBYCXDWEVFU (can you see the pattern there?). Anyway, just as we were all getting fed up to death with the crap it started to behave.

We get a name Russ. Russ or Russell is a modern name, this guy would probably be about 60/70 now. Russ says he is a homosexual. He likes our male team member and is not too keen on the females, for obvious reasons. Then he proceeds to tell us he committed suicide, as he was either in love or had a relationship, with one of the owners of the factory my flat is built on. On asking if anyone would be able to validate this we get a resounding no. Great.

So what can we make of all this. I can probably go and find out if there was a person called Russ who worked at the factory and committed suicide. I really should but my gut feeling is that this is all a load of hokum. But I wouldn’t be a proper investigator if I didn’t at least give it a shot. We shall see.

Oh yeah, and another thing, I have really strained muscles today from the rampant glass movement!


10 Responses to “Ouija Pain”

  1. Around age 12-13 I received a Ouija board for a gift. As you can imagine our questions were always about- boyfriends, marriage, children.
    One Sunday a much older cousin, Jimmy was coming to dinner. This was a very unusual event. My sister and I were using the board. We asked if Jimmy had a girlfriend. It spelled “Wally”.
    Later at dinner, I just had to ask if he had a girlfriend. He said, “Yes and her name is Waltrude – but, everybody calls her Wally”. It was the only time the board was right that I know of. This girlfriend was news to all in house so it wasn’t something over heard.

    • paranormalteam Says:

      Very interesting experience! It’s the ones like this that keep the Ouija Board phenomena rolling. Have you used one since your childhood?

  2. The ouija has been used by many people for countless years now. Call it a toy or whatever but many people have had life changing things happen after using one. I have used them for many years and had some good results mostly with evp recordings while using them. 5 years ago i used one and something happened that i can’t explain at all.

    I took it to a cemetery that i know is active it was late at night and i was by myself. so i start using it asking questions and such. Then i ask prove to me you are here and while my hands were on the planchette i felt extreme pain from both hands. i lifted my hands to look and something scratched me with 3 marks across each palm and it burned like hell. they healed after about a month.

    I will not say some demon did it or some vengeful ghost. All i will say is that it was something that happened that i could not explain. Even now i ask myself over and over what could have done that to try and find another answer. In the end it is just one of the many things that happen in this field that may have an explanation that we have not found yet.

    • paranormalteam Says:

      Another interesting one. Can’t say that I have ever been physically attacked. After reading this, I don’t really want to either!

  3. Good story. Maybe after a few drinks and the shakes were gone it started to behave. It was interesting the information you received from Russ. Really interested if you come up with some facts to support Russ.
    Tried Ouija board as a kid but nothing really came of it. Tho I was a nevous child so maybe that is why I couldn’t understand it.

    • paranormalteam Says:

      I must stress that we had not been drinking. I think that when people do do the Ouija Board at home they have been drinking. This can lead to the panic and terror that the Ouija Board has been known to provide!

  4. I know as the Oujia boadr has caused damage to a lot of lives. I try to make light of the Oujia as I feel there can be evil with it. Threfor stay away from those kind of things. I don’t want to open any portals (spilling?)

  5. It was really interesting, especially when it started to answer questions directly. At one point, I was so disgusted with the glass going in circles, I stepped away. We like a drink every now and then, but never drink when doing an investigation 🙂

  6. I would have lost patience too. It will be interesting to see what your research about “Russ” turns up. You can always hang it on your wall, it really does make an interesting piece of art.:)

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