Demons and Possessions

There is one thing that I am starting to hear a lot more about lately and that is demonic possession. What really scares me about this is that people are going around stating possessions as fact. We have people now that call themselves demonologists (and other terms). From the study of demons, through to the actual removal of a demon from a person/place, modern demonologists/exorcists say they are the people to sort this out. These people might not necessarily be of any particular faith, they may be of no faith whatsoever.


I would like to point here that we currently no longer live in the dark ages. Many moons ago a man seen fitting, convulsing, dribbling at the mouth etc would soon after have heard the shouts of “Demon! Warlock! Magic!”. This person would have then been punished/cleansed or whatever else was thought right at the time.

In this day and age, the sensible people of this world would seek medical help for the individual. Whether they are having an epileptic fit or have another medical condition. You just don’t take a chance and you certainly don’t assume demons are at work.

Most people in this world will have, at some point in their life, contact with someone who is suffering from mental health issues. You may even suffer from this yourself. There is a great deal of misunderstanding still about mental health and yes, STILL, we have a stigma attached to it.

My all time worst fear is to see someone suffering from a mental health condition being attended to by someone wanting to cast out their demons! The first thing that should be done is that the person is referred to the correct qualified professional. Where I say professional I mean a mental health professional, not a professional demonologist/exorcist/[insert current term for them here]. A person suffering, who is confronted by someone telling them they are possessed, really isn’t going to be helped in long term are they? No, its going to strengthen their own beliefs and make the whole situation worse.

I have heard directly of a demonlogist saying they were trained to deal with mental health. All I can say is Bollocks. Plain and simple. a) You are trained in the fact you are qualified? Right, in that case you should know better. Go through the proper channels. b) You are trained as in you’ve read some books? In that case, please get the hell away from the “possessed” person and never come back.

This is not intended to be a dig at anyones beliefs. Believe all you want in whatever you want! That’s called freedom, which we are all entitled to. However, please do not go around stating that they are fact. You really have no right. And in the case of the above, you are treading on very thin ice and could be messing with peoples health. Demons may exist, who can really say, but the first thing that should be considered is the person suffering. That’s above and beyond any beliefs we may have.


12 Responses to “Demons and Possessions”

  1. Well said!

  2. Great blog well said my friend these days it seems there are many overnight demonologists in the field. What you said about it being some kind of mental issue is right on target most times. Demons may exist but really who knows if they do. Hell look at all the years people have been investigating ghosts all around the world. In all that time no one has ever put concrete proof to science that they are real and exist. We have all had encounters with what we think is a ghost but in the end we do not know what it really is.

    A true demonologist would go all out in ruling out any and all causes before saying it’s paranormal in nature. But many out there want to say yes it’s demonic right away and that is wrong. Getting hands on books like this causes it mostly i would say.

    Nothing against the book or the man that wrote it at all. Some would read something like this and think hey i can do that also. A misdiagnosis of an underlying mental disorder could have disastrous consequences for the affected person. So please people look into other causes first before you call it anything paranormal or demonic.

  3. I completely agree with you. People in general are looking for the quick fixes in life. This would be no different. I work as a spiritualist, but I have spent the last 15 years as an advocate for victims. My first concern is health. Both, mental and physical.Spiritually, People need the balance of all three. It,s horrible how so many people just jump at demonic possession before looking at the life of a person and what the true nature of the problem is. Demonic possession I believe can happen, but it isn’t a common act of the Devil. It’s easier to let people run amuck all by themselves. Besides, People are far worse than most demons. People have free will, a demon has to take orders. HopeSpirit

  4. Well said…this is a topic I’ve recently written on, as you well know. Demonology is nothing more than the religious classification of so-called evil spirits (ranging from the more common demons i.e. Satan, to simple concepts i.e. witchcraft, and to actual people). Demonology IS NOT a process by which to rid a person or place of an unseen entity.

    Demonology is, simply put, the academic study of the various things the early chuch deemed evil. Nothing more. Anyone who says otherwise is either completely ignorant or a blatant fraud.

  5. Could not agree with you more. The damage that could be caused to a person, by ignoring possible physical and mental illnesses that fall under the “Mental Health” spectrum, could be life threatening.

  6. I agree with what you say and recently had an experience that was disturbing. As we all know, there have been a whole rash of paranormal television series popping up lately. I do try to watch them occasionally to see what is being aired to the general audience, and I even have a show or two that I watch fairly regularly. Recently I found out about a show that has been on for a couple of years that I had missed. I grabbed a season from the library to watch and was appalled to see that EVERY episode that season was depicting homeowners calling looking for help and being told they had demons. They were subject to exorcisms, and long drawn out rituals and excessive drama. Sometimes these families had children that were being subject to this. To me it seemed scary and down right irresponsible. Also, they always followed up at the end with a blurb about weather or not the activity had decreased or stopped. Most of the time, it had only decreased and in some cases things had not changed.

    In all the years that I have done paranormal research, I have never researched demons as I feel they disappeared with the Dark Ages. I also have never encountered anything like what this show was depicting. I feel show’s like this, and groups like the one featured in this show, do much more harm than good.

  7. Your blog does not destinguish the difference between a Demonologist and an Exorcist or Deliverance Minister. A Demonologist is one who has studied demons in conjunction with other paranormal subjects. An Exorcist is an official office of the Catholic and Anglican Churches. Preists are given additional studies in the area of exorcism and appointed to the office of Exorcist. A Deliverance Minister is an exorcist that is not part of the Catholic or Anglican Churches. They do not use the Roman Rite of Exorcism. Not all Demonologists are exorcists or deliverance ministers. Most Demonologists would never attempt an exorcism. There are very few Demonologists that are also Exorcists or Deliverance Ministers.

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