“Your house is haunted……”

I put the feelers out about this topic on twitter a moment ago. I was interested by the responses I got. However I can’t say what I want to say on twitter, so the blog post is the best option.

The question I posed on twitter was “Am I the only one that thinks it’s wrong for a paranormal team to say a house is haunted?’

What I mean by the above is when a paranormal group uses the words “Your house is haunted” or similar, after they have investigated a property. I personally think this is very wrong and I’ll explain my reasons for this in the blog post that follows.

For a person to state that a property is haunted is to state that they can prove, without any doubt in the world, that this is the case. From the many, possibly millions, of people around the world studying the paranormal this person knows the answer. In which case I say to them, post your evidence and let’s end the argument over the existence of ghosts forever.

Some people you meet, that believe they are being subjected to a haunting in their home, are scared. They are scared for themselves and they are scared for their families. From a moral standpoint, I see someone that comes along and validates the homeowners fears by use of the words “It’s haunted” as being very much in the wrong. If we lived in a world whereby haunting was defined, it’s reasons known, and it’s ghosts were proven fact then this would not be a problem. However, we don’t. Nothing has been proven. Everything has been theorized. We are no closer to the truth really than we were many years ago.

So what I am suggesting is replacing the use of the words “Your house is haunted” with something more realistic along the lines of “Currently we don’t have an explanation. This needs more research and investigation.” Because in truth this is where we actually stand. If you can prove it, then prove it to the world without a shadow of a doubt. End the skepticism and convince the scientists.

But then this is my opinion, I am one voice in the many. I just wish sometimes it was a little louder.


6 Responses to ““Your house is haunted……””

  1. Well said as always and i agree with you on this. If a team finds anything in a home that is good as far as data goes. Such as shadows on video,voices,footsteps or things of that nature. They should never call it haunted to a home or business owner. Why say it’s haunted when you do not know 100% what it is in the home. They should tell them they discovered activity of an unexplained type going on in the home that needs further study.

  2. Once again you covered a subject spot on. I agree with your assessment and reasoning for NOT telling someone their house is haunted. Right or Wrong, True or False, one cannot prove in the scientific sense that a property is haunted, therefore one should not pronounce in a factual manner that a property is haunted. You may believe it is haunted, but state it as a belief, not fact.

  3. Julia St.Amant Says:

    Well said!

  4. paranormalteam Says:

    John, John & Julia. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. I agree 100%! I believe that no one should ever call a house/business “haunted” to the client. Like you said, everything has been theorized, not proven.

  6. I agree no one has the right to say a house is haunted. I like your thoughts, theories, and honesty on haunted houses. We will not find out what is on the other side (or if there is somethng) until we arrive there.

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