Falling out of love with all things paranormal

It’s been absolutely ages since I wrote a blog post. The main reason for this has been a certain apathy with all things paranormal.

Over the many years I have personally been involved with the paranormal my interest hasn’t wavered. Recently, however, there have been a number of things that have “put me off” being involved.

The first of these is the uncredible, unproven and downright lies that come from the various paranormal TV shows. Yes I would be the first to agree that they have pushed the paranormal out of the closet (so to speak) and into the mainstream. This in turn has attracted a lot of attention and interest from Joe Public. Here I am talking about “ghost-hunting” shows in particular.

Now, no-one has a monopoly on the paranormal and absolutely anyone can turn their hand to studying it. It’s a free world and nothing is proven so the more researching the paranormal the better. However my quibble comes in when people base their methods exactly on what they see on TV. A lot of people will believe what is presented to them on TV, this also counts for other forms of media. People will believe a story in a newspaper because, well, it’s in the newspaper! It must be correct. Don’t be fooled into thinking journalists nowadays aren’t out for a quick buck and partial to a bit of copy and pasting just to make a story.

One of the main problems with TV shows is the editing. Well, of course, they need to edit it as who wants to sit and watch hours and hours of locked off camera footage? I would but that’s just because I’m weird. Camera angles never seem to cover events that happen leaving what we see to be not what actually happened. These people have never really given us anything much to think about with regards to evidence, new research methods etc. Why would we want to follow what they do? Just because they have made it onto TV? If you see them using a gadget do a bit of research into what that gadget is actually measuring and why it might even be in your toolbox. Let’s face it, if you bought all the gadgets they promoted you’d be a very poor person right now. It’s expensive and it’s also very exploitative.

The other reason that I have the huff with the paranormal bubble is some of the people. Here I am referring directly to those that are out to make money from what they do. The people I am talking about are fully aware that they are taking the money under false pretenses. Nothing they say can actually be proved, outside of their own head but they would like to be paid for telling you this. Now this really doesn’t sit very well with me. Full in the knowledge that this house cannot be proven to be haunted they will advertise that it is. Isn’t that like me saying I have an invisible donkey for sale? I can see it, you can’t but yup it definately exists. I know I may have some opposition here but that’s what the comments are for below.

The last thing, and I’ll make it quick as I’m waflling, is spreading disinformation. Chinese whispers are very destructive. All that is said to be fact needs to be backed up with evidence. End of story. Before believing what someone is telling you, do some research to see if the facts fit the story. 9/10 it doesn’t.

Those that follow me on twitter (and have done for a while) will notice I still post but not as much as previously. That being said, recent events have re-sparked a bit of enthusiasm which we hope to turn into something positive and something different. I know a few others that have either given up on the paranormal or taken a long break from it. Unfortunately most of these have been people with their heads firmly screwed on. It would be a shame for them to give up (you know who you are).


3 Responses to “Falling out of love with all things paranormal”

  1. mysticlight Says:

    Great blog….
    Hope to see more from you soon…..
    Happy haunting, er, uh, hunting! 😉

  2. Right on the money. I see people who need help that have misconceptions due to to “glory seekers” that have “helped them” in the past.
    Recently I talked to somebody who was amazed we weren’t charging them for services, I’m guessing somebody else had tried. I won’t give up, cause I I have a passion to help the people who need it, and that will keep me pushing right through the crud.when the dust settles from the TV shows, the true investigators will be here to carry on.and ill bet you’ll be one of them!!Getting down off of the soap box now…

  3. It’s more important now that you keep doing what you are doing. I told my careers adviser at school that I wanted to be a paranormal investigator and she took it very seriously and set me on a masters degree course in parapsychology and expected me to become an assistant after that. For the very reasons you speak about, I lost the passion way before the TV surge of ‘hype’. I’m now an actress and voice artist!! I’m very sensitive to atmospheres, on a mystery tour to Dunkirk I cried on arrival before I was told where we were because I felt so heavy with depression. I couldn’t enter a room in a nightclub as it felt so oppressive to me and found out later it had just reopened after a renovation project that was done to erase a fatal stabbing incident months before. I’m really good at predicting the end of things, from a persons life to the end of a business or venture . . . I can imagine why people want to believe what their senses tell them, but I’m a great believer in the scientific truth of things too and it’s important to keep an open mind. I’m probably too sensitive to be a great investigator and my imagination would probably get the better of me now I’m trained to use it to excess. I admire your attitude towards this work and pleased to see someone with intelligence and integrity for the science is doing this. I hope your passion is re-fired because without people like you we will all loose sight of what we really need to be searching for.

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