Premonition Log

A simple place to add any premonitions you have. Please do so by leaving a comment below. They will be timestamped so for future reference we will be able to see if they come true.

Please be as descriptive as you possibly can. By doing this your premonition will hold more weight if it does actually happen.



9 Responses to “Premonition Log”

  1. My premonition started with a trip into town with my sister in her car. We were going shopping together. It was late afternoon, about 4.00pm. And it was a very dark and damp day.

    As we approached St Helens town center, we noticed a strong smell of smoke. I made a comment that a building could be on fire. The traffic came to a stop, and we noticed hundreds of people crowding the streets. We got out of the car and walked into the crowds. Someone said to us, their had been an explosion at the Town Hall. We pushed through the crowds. I saw the Town Hall in flames and thick black smoke started to ploom into the sky.

    St Helens Town Hall is a large Victorian building, with a tall clock tower. Their is a clock on all four sides of the tower.

    You can view a picture at this link:

    As i looked up at the tower, i saw a huge crack appear down the front side. The glass on the front clock smashed and fell to the ground, killing two firefighters. Then suddenly the tower collapsed with a thundering raw! The crowd screamed. The building was flattened. All the people who worked there, would have been killed. I don’t remember anything after that. But It was very vivid and felt so real.

    • paranormalteam Says:

      Shall keep an eye on the news but I am really really really hoping this is not a premonition that comes even remotely true.

  2. paranormalteam Says:

    From Julia

    I was headed to meet a friend for drinks, as I pulled out of the driveway (this is before everyone had a cell phone) thought to myself, what if something happens how will I get hold of the person I am meeting? Just a few moments later I was rear-ended by another car. My car went spinning into the on coming traffic and I was hit by another car. My seat was unbolted from the floor and I was thrown into the back seat and thrown back into the front seat.

    On another occasion I was upset all day, I had this feeling something awful was going to happen. I was hit by another speeding car through an intersection.

  3. This happened when my good friend dee died in a car wreck. The night before i had a dream that he was in a casket and i was looking down at him. Just thought it was another bad dream myself. Then the next day we see each other at the gas station. we were in the cars with the windows rolled down talikg about things like always. When out of the blue i say dee watch yourself brother. All the crazy things you do one day the grim reaper will come after you and your luck will end.

    That evening my best friend steve and his brother came in and said did you hear dee is dead. That got to me really bad we had grown up together and were just like brothers. What really throwed though is when i got to the funeral home. The casket they had him in was the exact one i seen in the dream right down to the color of it. Was it a premonition bad dream or what can’t say all i know is it was a day i will never forget.

    • paranormalteam Says:

      A very sad story. Some may say that your connection with this friend was what prompted the vision. I guess we shall never know though.

  4. mysticlight Says:

    I had the dream the morning of October 28, 2009…..

    The day looked like it was just prior to dusk. It was an overcast day and the setting sun gave the clouds a gloomy appearance. I was standing outside in the front yard talking on my cellphone. I looked up towards the sky and saw a plan turning to the left. The lights from the plane seemed to get brighter and larger, somewhat reminding me of oncoming headlights. It was then I realized that the plane was coming down. I told the person I was talking to that a plane was crashing and I hung up the phone. It came down at an angle towards the left (my left, its right). It crashed into the neighborhoods just to the east of where I was standing. I heard the explosion and saw the flames rising up into the sky.

    I left immediately and tried to find the crash site but was not sure where it was. I saw some people near a piece of broken machinery but was not sure if that was part of the plane or not. The sky seemed to be filled with a fiery ash and was raining down around like huge gray snowflakes. I continued to walk towards the east, trying not to get burned by the falling ash. I came upon a large building which reminded me of an auditorium and walked through trying to make my way to the back of the building where it overlooked the river. Since I’d not come across any wreckage yet, I’d assumed that it had crashed somewhere along the river’s edge.

  5. My husband Mark has always had premonitions but they rarely happen. Occasionally they do and one in partiicular was many years ago when he felt that my dad wopuld die within the year. Dad died 8 months later even tough at the time of Mark’s feeling there was no suggestion of anything wrong with him. He in fact had cancer but didn’t know as he had not presented with symptoms at the time.

    Yesterday mark suddenly claimed that he had a chill (down his back). There was no chill in the room as the living room was very warm.

    He then said that his brother had crashed into his mind and that he felt that his brother would not survive the year (2010).
    Mark’s brother is 44, grotesquely obese and a heavy smoker.

    I wonder!

    • To update the above. Marks brother is still alive and it is 2 years and 10 months after Mark’s ‘premonition’. Nothing happened !

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